Hands off our Hospital

Local health services are critical to the Alexandra community. However, these may be at risk.


The Victorian Government has plans to amalgamate Victorian hospitals. This appears to be a cost cutting exercise from a government drowning in debt.

The proposed changes, which are expected to reduce the state's 76 health services to 12, with six in Melbourne and six in regional areas, are cause for serious concern.

As the local business association, we are not only concerned about the potential reduction in services to our community but also the potential loss of local jobs and the downstream impacts this may have on our economy.

At this time there has been a complete lack of transparency and no consultation with rural communities about the future of our local hospitals, and any downstream impacts on the health services provided. However, there are grave concerns that the amalgamation process "will undoubtedly result in funds being diverted from smaller hospitals, leading to the loss or reduction of local services and jobs." (Vogels).

Public Meeting

Alexandra Shire Hall, Saturday 29 June 9:30am

A Public Meeting on Saturday 29 June at 9:30am was held to hear more about State Government plans, and a chance for the community to voice their concerns on this matter.


The community has very real concerns about the loss of our hospital services, and amalgamation of Alexandra District Health into a sub-region being led from Shepparton.

To help voice your concerns and have your say, please join us in submitting a petition to Parliament.

The petition is open to any resident of Victoria, including anyone under the age of 18 years.

You must legibly write your NAME, ADDRESS (not a P.O. Box), and a SIGNATURE.

There are petitions available at the businesses listed below (and possibly others):

  • Alexandra Community Pharmacy
  • Grant St. Grocer
  • The Cornery Hotel Alexandra
  • Essence Coffee Lounge
  • Alexandra Newsagency and Lotto
  • Elysian Hair and Beauty
  • Alexandra Bakery and Cafe
  • Redgate Bazaar Op Shop
  • Alexandra Opp Shop
  • Simpsons Fuel Eildon

For more information, contact Linda Davis 0409 354 782

We need at least 2,000 signatures on a petition to get it tabled before Parliament.

Feel free to ask your friends to sign... ask your family... ask your neighbour. In fact, the more conversations we have around this issue the better informed the community will be.


You may have read about Premier Jacinta Allan's plans for regional health cuts and job losses which will be devastating for Victoria.

Equally, you may have read Mayor Damien Gallagher's address at the recent Yea Community Meeting.

Hear what others have had to say.

Write to a Member of Parliament

Interested in having your say? Want to be part of the conversation? Then we encourage you to write to a relevant Member of Parliament and help them understand exactly what our community needs.

Below is a list of some of the key decision makers on the topic of Victorian health reform.

Not sure where to start? Staring at a blinking cursor? Here are a few sample letters that you can swipe. Either use them in their entirety, or edit them as you see fit.

Key Documents


Have questions or want to learn more about this issue?

Contact Linda Davis 0409 354 782

For more information

36 Grant Street, Alexandra Victoria 3714
Phone: (03) 5772 1100
Email: info@alexandratourism.com

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